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The cutting edge science and the Pro Athletes who back Prolete
The legendary street cred of the world famous Caviar Gold brand
The massive grass roots social media influencer backed Trust Brothers brand

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Is CBD Legal in America?

Short Answer: YES!

Long Answer:

Yes. When President Trump signed the 2018 United States Farm Bill into law, The “Hemp Farming Act” provision removed hemp (defined as cannabis with less than .3% THC) from the Federal Schedule 1 controlled substances list and made it an “ordinary agricultural commodity”. This law went into effect on December 20, 2018

Quality Guaranteed

Every Order Comes With A Certificate Of Analysis (COA), independent verification from a licensed third party lab that the product contains the listed amount of CBD on the label and zero THC.

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Twenty Four Billion Dollars

Estimated size of the CBD market in the United States by 2023


Forty Three Million Americans

Estimated size of the CBD market in the United States by 2023

CBD Use Is Exploding.

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