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The underlying terms and conditions stated by Brand Power Direct– who will also be represented as “we,” “us,” or “our” — govern the use of our site and store. By accessing our site, you are stating that you have fully read and understand our Terms and Conditions. Please be advised that we reserve the right to edit our Terms and Conditions at any time without prior consent or notification. You agree that you acknowledge and accept those future Terms and Conditions as it is your sole responsibility to read and review these Terms and Conditions for any changes.

You do reserve the right to disagree with any Terms and Conditions set forth, however; we ask that you immediately exit our site as you no longer have permission to its content or to our store.

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By gaining access to our site, you acknowledge that you are of legal age as defined in your state or country or that you are of legal age and grant full permission to a minor of whom you are the legal guardian of. In addition, you acknowledge that you are of legal age in your legal residence to purchase any products from our site or have the expressed permission of your legal guardian. It is your accountability to decide if you can legally purchase Brand Power Direct products.

When using our website and some of its resources, you may additionally be required to enter important information. By doing so, you are declaring that the information given is correct and up to date. If for any purpose we should suspect that the information you’ve submitted is outdated or incorrect or attempting to use the identify of someone else, we reserve the right to, without notice:

  • Delete any of your public comments
  • Deny entry to our site and the use of its functions
  • Suspend or permanently ban your account


In addition to acknowledging your compliance to our Terms and Conditions, Brand Power Direct and our affiliates, we give you a restricted, non-subcontract license to enter our website only for personal, non-commercial use. You are not permitted to:

  • Borrow or replicate any contents or materials anywhere on our site.
  • Copy, download or use account information to benefit yourself or a third party.
  • Resell or make any commercial profit from our site or any of its contents.

Any rights which are not granted within our Terms and Conditions are restricted and fully owned by us, our vendors, site administrators, licensor and rights holders. You cannot copy, reproduce, replicate in any way, any information of any kind that is found on our website. Moreover, you have not been given any permission or rights to misuse or exploit our material, our products or any other resources you may find when accessing our website. We reserve the right to revoke these licenses at any time at our discretion should you fail to abide by the guidelines set forth within our Terms and Conditions.


You may only use our website for the purpose granted. You do not have any right to use anything found anywhere on this site for a commercial purpose. Examples of what you are NOT permitted include but are not limited to:

  • Linking our site to any other site
  • Co branding any of our products
  • Using our trademark, brand, name, products or information
  • Screen grabbing or using any photos hopping techniques to include any of our logos, texts, or website layouts–this includes any of our affiliates which are protected under our Terms and Conditions.

Co-branding is defined as using our name, trademark or logo to give the impression that we endorse or are in business with another party. By using our site, you agree that should you be found partaking in any of the restricted behavior, you will immediately remove and ceases any unauthorized information.

You do not have our permission to change, reproduce, relicense, edit, resell, screengrab, make reference to, compare, post or distribute any content from our site.


Any information or material found on our site will be referred to as “content” and is proprietary content own by us. US and our content providers hold all the rights, interests and license within the context. Under our terms and conditions, you have no permission to duplicate distribute post or reproduce any information found on our website and email and or without our consent. You may only print a copy of the information from our site for personal use. Should you print any of the content from our site you are also restricted from changing or removing any copyright, trademarks, or any other information initially published on our site. By accessing our site, you acknowledge the fact that you do not own any of the information found on our site nor do you have any right to use it to your own leisure.


You may find other websites hyperlinked on our page. These sites are strictly to provide a service to you and do not represent nor are they sponsored by Brand Power Direct. We do not thoroughly review any of the websites and we are not responsible for the content in which you will find on the sites. By clicking the link you are acknowledging the fact that you are responsible for entry of the sites and entering at your own risk. The presence of any hyperlinks on our site does not imply that we are associated with the content or products you may find when clicking the hyperlinks.


The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has not reviewed any statements or material nor the products that we sell in our online store. In addition, the FDA does not approve of any products that we distribute. Our products on our store must not be used to diagnose, treat, eliminate, any pre existing diseases or be used to prevent any future diseases. The information that we provide to you is for educational services on only our products. You should not use our material to substitute or alter any diagnosis given to you from your medical professional, including any instructions or medication prescribed to you. Our information is not intended to be or adapted as a “second opinion” over that of your medical professional. You should not utilize any of our products without your doctor’s knowledge and approval. If you are pregnant or nursing, or taking medication already, we strongly urge you get the opinion of your doctor before using our products.


Any content, photos, information, comments that you submit on our site will be referred to as “submissions”, and are we are permitted to utilize them now or for future purposes. You also grant us to include any submission to produce future material including media, technology, websites etc. You agreed to allow us to use your submission as royalty free, license free, sub licensable and is non-exclusive with the right to display, reproduce, change, make public in anyway we should choose. You will not receive compensation or payment of any kind should anything you submit be reproduced by us and used commercially. We are not required to uphold confidentiality. Additionally, we hold no responsibility for any similarities in your submission to any content produced by us. We will keep your personal information private, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.


While using our website, you concur that we don’t nor can’t guarantee assurance that any data available for downloading from the Web are free of infections, Trojan horses, worms, or any other indication of codes with malicious or dangerous capacities. It is your duty, regarding the execution of using executing sufficient techniques and firewalls or software that scan for such malware and holds the ability to protect your computer and store your data separate from Brand Power Direct website. We accept no obligation nor are we responsible should you face any threat to the stability to your computer. . You should not anticipate that our content will be present or finish nor utilize it to substitute any announcements, composed reports, or notification we give. The utilization of our content – by financial advisors, borrowers, or third parties – should be in indistinguishable limit from other instructional medium and should not rely upon our content outside of personal judgment. We do not guarantee our data to be comprehensive nor covers all themes, issues, or certainties appropriate to your objectives.

You acknowledge that the utilization of our site is at your own risk. We post content “as is” and “as available” with no communicated, inferred, or statutory guarantees of any sort minus all potential limitations degree conceded by appropriate law. We hence disavow all guarantees including, yet not restricted to, suggested guarantees of merchantability, title, non-encroachment, and qualification for a specific reason. Brand Power Direct makes no guarantee, communicated or suggested, that its site or any administrations, data, or items acquired on or through this site will fulfill individual prerequisites or be continuous, secure, convenient, or error free, correct any defects, or destinations and servers are free of infections or different malevolent components. We do not guarantee or make any portrayal about the use, or the aftereffect of utilization, of our substance concerning unwavering quality, precision, or otherwise. Despite the fact that we may lead changes or enhancements at our prudence, our substance may contain specialized mistakes or typographical blunders. The entire expense of all overhauling, repair, or adjustment of any misfortune or harm because of the utilization of our site or its substance is your risk – not Brand Power Direct nor its affiliates. We do not ensure your utilization of our content won’t disregard the privileges of others nor do we accept any accountability or risk for typographical errors or any technical discrepancies. All data contained inside our site, regardless of whether current or predicted, is communicated only from the date we post it; we are not obligated to update data in the wake of posting it nor do we have to remove it should it no longer be accurate.


At no time is the aggregate obligation of Brand Power Direct and its partners, specialist, affiliates, licensors, workers, content suppliers, operators, executives and officers, to any party exceed the lesser of $100 or the sum paid for appropriate submission, content or product which caused the liability – regardless of type of activity, whether in tort, contract, or otherwise.


You consent to indemnify and hold Brand Power Direct, its members, auxiliaries, specialist organizations, licensors, temporary workers, representatives, content suppliers, operators, chiefs, and officers – alluded to as “Indemnified Parties” – innocuous from any infringement of our Terms and Conditions by you – including any content use outside what we explicitly conceded in our Terms and Conditions. Your ascension expresses the Indemnified Parties have no liability with respect to any such encroachment or unapproved use; you additionally agree to repay in the crossroads of Indemnified Parties – including harms, misfortunes, costs, grants, costs, judgments, lawyer and expert witness fees. Finally, you will transmit and hold Indemnified Parties innocuous from and against any cases exhibited by outsiders because of your use of data taken from our site.


Any trademarks, logos, service markings, designs, coding, pictures, catches, symbols, banners, multimedia, and programming on this site has a place entirely with Brand Power Direct and to the suppliers of those materials. Brand Power Direct and our material suppliers hold all rights in regards to any individual trademarks, logos, service markings and copyright material on our site. You have no consent to utilize our trademarks and exchange dress related to any items or administrations not having a place with Brand Power Direct, in any way conceivably befuddling with clients, or in any stigmatizing or defaming way.


Should you believe your copyrighted work is being reproduced or displayed on our website in a manner that suggests copyright infringement, please send the following information to support@brandpowerdirect.com.

Notification of Claimed Infringement should include:

  • Your name, address, email address, and phone number
  • Identification of the copyrighted work you believe to be infringed
  • A description of the alleged infringed material along with the location of where the original copy exists.
  • The URL and exact location of which you claim to have observed unauthorized material being used.
  • A good-faith statement declaring that the copyright owner, its agent, or the law did not allow the use of the work
  • An electronic or handwritten signature of the owner or the person with representation of the owner of the copyright interest
  • A statement from you, under penalty of perjury, that the information in your notice is accurate, and you are the copyright owner or have authority to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Under Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(c)(2), all notifications of claimed copyright infringement should be sent directly to us only.


With our Terms and Conditions, you do not have permission to send, use, publish, or post the following in any way:

  • MP3 format files
  • Does not relate directly to our site
  • Solicits money, buyers, advertisers,
  • Resembles a pyramid scheme
  • Violates any law or gives the impression of breaking any law
  • Displays obscene, vulgar, indecent, or pornographic imagery
  • Encourages unlawful activity
  • Includes hyperlinks which lead to sites of this nature
  • You do not own or have the authority to post any intellectual property of third parties
  • Impersonate a representative of a company or entity to give a false impression that you are part owner or in any way represent said company
  • Intends to cause harm or to exploit any person through exposure to malicious content, requests personal identifying details, or otherwise
  • Infringes any content or rights of an company or person – including breaching anyone’s contract, copyrights, trademarks, or publicity rights
  • Manipulate the flow of conversation—such as causing one’s computer or deceive screen to malfunction or otherwise disabling one’s ability to participate in real-time functions on our website.
  • Harassing, threats, or otherwise isolates others, make false comments, stalks, invades personal privacy, or is obscene, abusive, pornographic, racist
  • Includes apps or programs containing viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or any computer codes, files, or programs that are intended to cause one’s computer to malfunction in any negative manner.

We reserve the rights to monitor usage of our site to determine whether you are following our Terms and Conditions along with our refusal or removal of any information at our discretion. However, you are entirely responsible for the content you submit. You acknowledge and agree that neither Brand Power Direct nor any of our affiliates providing content hold responsibility for action or inaction by our third parties, or us, regarding any submissions by you.


Passwords you create through our website are strictly for your own personal use. It is entirely your responsibility for securing your own passwords. In addition to creating a password protected account, you agree that you assume all responsibility for any actions performed in your account.. Brand Power Direct has the right to monitor your password and may ask that you change it at our discretion for security purposes. If we determine that you’re using an insecure password, we have the right to require a password change or a complete termination of your account. Your use of any services or functions that compromise your personal security or interfere with system resources or accounts within our site is prohibited. Any use of tools created for compromising system safety – such as: password guessing programs, cracking tools, etc. – is also strictly prohibited. If we determine that you are using or distributing any system security violation, we reserve our right to give your details to system administrators to resolve any security incidents. We also reserve the right to investigate suspected violations of our Terms and Conditions and to cooperate with law enforcement authorities or court orders instructing us to give the identities of anyone posting content that breaks our Terms and Conditions. When you consent to our Terms and Conditions, you waive and no liability to us and/or our affiliates, subcontractors, administrator, licensors, employees, content providers, from any claims brought upon you due to actions enforced by us as a consequence of our investigations or others – including law enforcement authorities.


Brand Power Direct website and online store is intended for consumers living in the United States. It is solely your responsibility to know if accessing and purchasing Brand Power Direct products is legal where you live. Accessing the Brand Power Direct website and purchasing our products is at your own risk; you are 100% responsible for all applicable laws, regulations, and any conditions required by your country’s customs.


For any questions or concerns regarding any information given to you within our Terms and Conditions, including the use of any of our content, please submit an email to support@brandpowerdirect.com with the subject line: Terms and Conditions Inquiry.