What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, an all-natural component found in the Hemp plant. The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using a natural process. It is then mixed with a carrier agent (oil, cream, edible, etc.) which allows for efficient delivery into the human body.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD works by interacting with our endocannabinoid system, a naturally occurring system found in all humans, which contains receptors located in our brain, digestive system, hormone glands, organs, and immune cells.

Will CBD Get Me High?

Nope! Unlike THC, CBD has zero psychoactive (the “high” feeling) effects.

Is CBD Illegal?

Nope! CBD derived from Hemp plants is 100% legal in the United States, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018!

Can I Overdose On CBD?

Nope! There is no way to overdose on CBD. People have reported using as little as 5mg of CBD all the way up to 500mg in a single dosage. Each person is different so it is important to start low and move your own dosage up as needed to find your perfect dose.

Will CBD Show Up On A Drug Test?

Wait for it… FOURTH NOPE in a row! Drug tests do not test for Cannabidiol, because it is NOT a drug. You can feel safe and secure in using our CBD products, as they are verified to have zero THC.

Is This CBD 3rd Party Tested?

Yes! All of our CBD products are 3rd Party tested for purity and potency. Unlike many products, you can rest assured what is on the label is what is in the bottle!

Where Does The Hemp Come From?

All of the hemp found in the brands we sell comes from organic farms in Colorado, which is widely regarded as producing the cleanest and best Hemp in the entire world.

What Is The Best Method To Use CBD?

This somewhat depends on the results you’re trying to achieve. But, for overall maximum effectiveness, there is no question… using CBD Oil is the best.

Ingestion Method Type Of Product Onset Duration Dose Needed
Sublingual (under the tongue) Oils 5-20 Minutes 4-6 Hours Lower
Oral Capsules Powder Edibles 30-90 Minutes 3-4 Hours Higher
Transdermal Lotions Balms Ointments 1-3 Minutes 3-4 Hours Higher


How Do You Take CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is best taken orally. To achieve the highest bio-availability (and therefore, best effectiveness), use the dropper to drop your chosen dosage UNDER your tongue and hold there. Try not to swallow the oil for as long as you can (but at least 30 seconds). For the Nighttime CBD Formula: take ½ teaspoon of oil (approximately 60 drops) and place directly under your tongue, holding for as long as you can before swallowing.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Use?

Each person is different, so results will vary based on many factors, including weight and body chemistry. To get an idea, please see our handy dosage chart on the back of this guide.


Body Weight Low (Starting Dose) Medium Dose High Dose
100 lbs 10-20 mg 21-49 mg 50-60 mg
110 lbs 11-22 mg 23-54 mg 55-66 mg
120 lbs 12-24 mg 25-59 mg 60-72 mg
130 lbs 13-26 mg 27-64 mg 65-78 mg
140 lbs 14-28 mg 29-69 mg 70-84 mg
150 lbs 15-30 mg 31-74 mg 75-90 mg
160 lbs 16-32 mg 33-79 mg 80-96 mg
170 lbs 17-34 mg 35-84 mg 85-102 mg
180 lbs 18-36 mg 37-89 mg 90-108 mg
190 lbs 19-38 mg 39-94 mg 95-114 mg
200 lbs 20-40 mg 41-99 mg 100-120 mg
210 lbs 21-42 mg 43-104 mg 105-126 mg
220 lbs 22-44 mg 45-109mg 110-132 mg
230 lbs 23-46 mg 47-114 mg 115-138 mg
230 lbs 24-48 mg 49-119 mg 120-144 mg
240 lbs 25-50 mg 51-124 mg 125-150 mg
250 lbs 26-52 mg 53-129 mg 130-156 mg
260 lbs 27-54 mg 55-134 mg 135-162 mg
270 lbs 28-56 mg 57-139 mg 140-168 mg
280 lbs 29-58 mg 59-144 mg 145-172 mg
290 lbs 30-60 mg 61-149 mg 150-178 mg
300 lbs 31-62 mg 63-154 mg 155-184 mg